Black Moon Paranormal Research Society

                            About Our Members

We are still in the foundations of developing our group.

Our members consist of people who have a basic understanding of what it means to be a paranormal investigator or paranormal researcher.  People who will follow the society's guidelines and who will respect the other society members and the dead. 

We are not interested in people who just want to join because you think that this is a way to become rich and famous or because they saw it on television and think that it looks cool.  Also, we are not interested in people who are ONLY interested in the psychic side of the spectrum.  While we will respect occult views, we are mainly focused on the scientific evidence that can be gathered.  While we do encourage members to have a broad knowledge on the subject and to have certain areas of concentration, we are not interested in people who are self-proclaimed specialists in the field. I.e. Demonologists, Angelologists, etc.

We want our members to be well informed and SAFE!

We are willing to teach and encourage but you will have to be willing to learn!

                       How to Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member please use the contact us section of this website and tell us why you want to join and what you may have to offer the group.